Annal Jyoti School (AJS) is a registered secondary school located in Lalitpur, Kathmandu. AJS is a co-educational institute which has always surpassed the national average with its 100% pass-rate SLC results and a wide variety of extra-curricular activities.

The school has Pre-Primary, Primary, Lower Secondary and Secondary level. Students are of the age ranging from 3 years to 16 years. The school now holds the pupil size of 650.

Its major activities, programs and events include: link with Saint Martin's School, Solihull, UK; Maliyadeva Model School, Srilanka; St Mary's School, India; 100% SLC pass-rate results with Distinctive performance; Conduction of Interschool Valleywide Volleyball Tournament, Professional Development For teachers, Regular Extra Curricular activities, Literary Activities, Volunteer Teaching Opportunities.


*educate the children of Nepal
*facilitating the poor and needy in order to enable them to become self reliant
*induce social change through the inculcation of skills and knowledge to the people.
*Provide volunteer teaching opportunities


School Departments
Pre Primary Block Students age ranging from 3 to 6
Nursery, Lower Kindergarten (LKG) and Upper Kindergarten (UKG)
Primary Block
Students age ranging from 6-11 classes are 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
Lower Secondary Block
Students age ranging from 11-13 classes are 6 & 7
Secondary Block Students age ranging from 13-16 classes are 8, 9 &10
Students appear District level Examination in Class Eight and School Leaving Certificate (SLC) in class 10

School Time: The school remains open from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm except on public holidays. But it is only up to 3:00pm for the juniors (Pri-Primary and Primary Section). The School will be six days a week except  Saturday and the last Sunday of the month. GO TOP

Admission procedureAdmission is offered on merit basis; students take a general test in which they are to obtain a minimum score of 45%. Birth certificate, character certificate and/or migration certificate are to be produced. Admission forms are distributed two months prior to the commencement of the new academic session i.e. Feb 15.

Academic session:  Each academic session consists of one year, beginning on the second week of April and ending by the second week of March. There will be four terminal exams a year.

Uniform: Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri: White colour shirts, nave blue pants or skirts, Navy Blue shocks, Black Leather Shoes, Navy blue ribbon for girls; Sun & Wed: House Shirt, White pant or skirt, white socks and white cotton shoes, Navy blue ribbon for girls

COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION: The school's operation is highly guided by community association. There is Parents Teachers Association and they meet about once per three months. The school also calls for the parents teachers meetings (PTM) to provide community activities and develop home/school links. This has achieved enjoyable and positive relations developed between Annal Jyoti School and the community it served, we hope this will continue. We invite you to join us. All parents are welcome, so please come along to our meetings, functions or events. 


VALUABLES IN SCHOOL: The school discourages its pupils from wearing jewellery. Children should only wear one pair of small ear top and a watch please. Mobiles are not allowed to bring at all.

Please make sure your child never leaves anything of value unattended in school. Valuable items are best left at home.

Complaints: Normally, any worries you have rarely become formal complaints, because the problems are easily discussed and resolved with your child's class teacher. You could also write the compains in the diary of your students. Should you wish to proceed further you can ask to see the Principal or Vice Principal or Coordinator. Please do come in to school to see someone, however small your worry seems. We are here to help.


Moms, Dads, & Parents often ask what they can do to help their children at home.

The answer is to find time for them, talk with them, ensure they have enough sleep, not too much television and are fit and healthy. These factors will go a long way to ensure that all possible progress is made. You can do a great deal to encourage your children by taking an active part in their reading, talking and listening, and helping them solve problems. Specific advice on these matters will be given through parent-teacher meetings. Should you wish to discuss any specific difficulty, please contact the Principal/Vice Principal/Coordinator by letter or telephone, or call in to make an appointment.

Parents Meetings are held at regular intervals throughout the year. Additional meetings are also organised to discuss special areas of the curriculum. Your kind presence is expected.

Should you wish to help, please contact the School Office.


Science laboratory: AJS believes in ‘learning by doing’. Therefore, we provide ample opportunity for students to experiment on their learning in a well-equipped science lab on a regular basis.

Computer classes: AJS develops computer skills in the students from grade one as complementary to their curriculum bases learning and career development.

Library: AJS has set up a well-stocked library with a wide variety of books, magazines and newspapers. Students are enrolled to the library and involved in research exercise so as to enhance their creativity

Transport: AJS runs a school bus throughout the Kathmandu valley for daily pick ups and drops at nominal charges

Medical services: MLearning lies in creativity and creativity in the domain of sound health- embracing this reality, we have frequent through health examinations of the students in addition o providing basic tips, medicines and emergency services.

Safe Drinking Water: AJS pursues quality and so makes a difference. It supplies purified drinking water (by euro-guard) to prevent possible health hazards.
School Canteen and Shop: For the convenience of pupils, AJS has been running a school canteen and a shop so that they can have hygienic foods at a reasonable price without wasting time and money.


Academic Programs: We run variety of events and programs to provide platforms for the students to express their dexterity and knowledge. The prime annual school programs include

Parents’ Day
Science Exhibition
Talent show
Art competition
Sports week, Swimming programme

Farewell Programme
Prize Distribution Ceremony
Literary programmes ( Quiz, Debate, Oratory, Elocution, Poetry, Drama etc)


Educational Contributions and scholarships
We support the poor, orphans, destitute and marginalized students to achieve their basic and higher education. We provide basic and secondary education to them in our school whereas we sponsor them for their higher education.
We are a secondary school with the provision for SEN (Special Educational Need) students. Currently, we have 13 such SEN students who are studying in school, staying in school, with complete scholarship. They stay in the normal school classes.
Currently, our school is providing the scholarship for 85 poor, orphans and destitute students.We run this project from the money obtained from the volunteering project. So, the money you paid, if you are volunteering, will be completely used for a good purpose.

Social Programs
Not only in the education sector, our efforts are always for the social sector. We have attempted few efforts in the society to promote education and aware the society.
Annal Jyoti is now providing scholarships to 17 students who are poor, orphans, destitute; marginalised children. They are given the facility of accommodation and fooding as well.
A part of the money obtained from volunteering project goes for this purpose.
Some instances:
Scholarship given to many students who are in dire need of help to educate themselves
Financial assistance to elderly people
Training of sewing class given to women
Conducted health and sanitation trainings for the drinking water users group.
Clothes distribution for needy kids (poors, orphans, marginalised)
Blood Donation program in Kathmandu.
We have been assisting disables (physically challenged and visually impaired) .
Donation of Sleeping Mattress
Donation of Candle Making Machine to widows
Provide free educate to the children of the visually impaired couples
Donation of lap top to the visually impaired who pursued Phd


Voluntary programs
We run volunteer teaching program open to people of all ages and backgrounds, regardless of nationality or qualifications. The program is open to all volunteers whether you are on a gap year, at university or wanting a career break
As a volunteer you will be involved in Community projects and Teaching programs in our school. The program is an unrivalled opportunity to gain an insight into a completely different culture and way of life, which is becoming necessary in our rapidly globalized world.
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: VOLUNTEERING at Annal Jyoti School


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