Social Programs

Not only in the education sector, our efforts are always for the social sector. We have attempted few efforts in the society to promote education and aware the society.
Annal Jyoti is now providing scholarships to 18 students who are poor, orphans, destitute; marginalised children. They are given the facility of accommodation and fooding as well.
A part of the money obtained from volunteering project goes for this purpose.
Some instances:
1.Scholarship given to many students who are in dire need of help to educate themselves

2.Financial assistance to elderly people

3.Training of sewing class given to women to assist them independent
4.Conducted health and sanitation trainings for the drinking water users group.
5,Clothes distribution for needy kids (poors, orphans, marginalised)
6.Blood Donation program in Kathmandu.
7.We have been assisting disables (physically challenged and visually impaired) .
8.Donation of Sleeping Mattress
9.Donation of Candle Making Machine to widows
10.Provide free educate to the children of the visually impaired couples
11.Donation of lap top to the visually impaired who pursued Phd Studies

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